Asia IP Volume 13 Issue 2

Asia IP Volume 13 Issue 2 - Feb, 2021

- Using copyright and trademarks for films and other shows
- 2021 Asia IP copyright survey rankings
- The laws of augmented and virtual reality
- China: Court rules on copyright infringement involving online games and live streaming
- Books and other media in the public domain: Is copyright dead?
- China: Recent revisions to the copyright law and their impact on cultural and entertainment enterprises
- The checkered journey of software secrecy to patents
- Uses of a patent
- Lila G. Quirino: Her own evolution

- Mirandah Asia: Singapore: "Champengwine" application denied due to the grounds of bad faith.
- Anand and Anand: Sandbox for personal data protection: India aims to foster innovation, ensure privacy, achieve transparency.
LexOrbis: Determination of jurisdiction when an arbitration clause is part of a contract.

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