Asia IP Volume 13 Issue 7

Asia IP Volume 13 Issue 7 - Aug, 2021

- The Straw Man
- Damages awarded in IP cases continue to rise in China
- Using the legitimate source defence in patent infringement litigation
- The fast-track to patent dispute resolution: The administrative adjudication mechanism
- Perimeter set for application of exhaustion of trademark rights
- 27 noteworthy things about China's PTA and PTE system
- Patentability of inventions relating to dosing regimen in China
- Trademark protection and brand value in China
- Impacts on the music industry of China's revised copyright law
- Trademark coexistence agreements in China
- IP Experts 2021: Malaysia
- The leap towards Malaysia 5.0
- Intellectual property strategies for India
- Right to cross-examination of an expert witness: Absolute or discretionary?

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