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Patents need to be properly drafted

IP lawyer discusses patent drafting in light of synthetic diamonds patent case in Singapore

Allira Hudson-Gofers joins Dentons’ patents team

Sydney-based lawyer brings patents, designs, strategy and commercialization expertise


Climate change is resulting in companies and consumers alike driving increasing use of green technol...

Patents are for the weak?

Elon Musk recently told a CNBC audience that “patents are for the weak.” Do lawyers agree with Musk,...

AI as inventor: Thaler’s legal team laments flawed decision by Australian court

Standfirst: Errors stem from various factors including misinterpretation of the Patents Act

IPOPHL Advises Patents For Handloom Weavers

It is for their protection and security.

2022 Asia IP Patent Rankings

The results of the 2022 Asia IP Patent survey are revealed. Who are Asia’s leading firms?

The unintentional consequences of unintended claims

A patent specification containing an unintended claim often brings about unintentional consequences....

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