Women need more intellectual property rights awareness, says Cambodian Prime Minister

15 June 2023

Women need more intellectual property rights awareness, says Cambodian Prime Minister

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen said it is critical to establish programs with skill development training for women and awareness raising for intellectual property rights. Women in Cambodia make up 51.5 percent of the overall population, and 1,841,373 of them, or 61.7 percent, work in the country’s economic institutions, Hun Sen shared in a statement during the celebration of Women Intellectual Property Rights Day.

“Both men and women can manage and develop businesses, of course, but to increase business competitiveness, intellectual property rights must be used to their fullest potential for things like brand building, product development, writing original works, research and other developments,” he said.

Women have received recognition in many fields. The number of women pursuing higher education has increased over the years, particularly in STEM fields, noted Hun Sen noted. More women are also acquiring doctorates, working as researchers in the fields of science and technology, and starting their own businesses.

To accelerate economic growth and achieve the 2030 and 2050 visions, the government has incorporated gender promotion into its national development agendas, including the rectangle strategies, national development strategic plans, trade integration strategies, sustainable development goals and the national strategy on science, technology and innovation.

“To provide for their families, women have increased economic productivity in their communities through the development of handicraft and agriculturally processed products,” said Hun Sen. “However, the benefits of intellectual property rights for women are still limited, making it difficult for them to grow their businesses and be competitive with others.”

- Excel Dyquiangco


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